Vacuum pressure equipment

For a variety of applications, it is not possible to exert the required pressure on the base material during process-reliable bonding. For these cases, we have developed pressure devices which generate the necessary pressure using 2 vacuum circuits separated from each other, which run without the risk of deforming components or base materials. Optionally available positioning aids for precise positioning of the component or heating stations for pre-heating the bonding substrate and thus reducing the pressing time required also ensure a stable and economic process.

Typical applications

  • Mounting of rain/light sensors or camera mounts on glass panels
  • Application of title blocks, symbols or emblems with double-sided adhesive pads
  • Attachment of side protection strips, mouldings or other fixtures to vehicle bodies


  • Highest possible security through compliance with the necessary bonding parameters
  • High product flexibility
  • Low investment costs
  • Universally usable thanks to small installation space
  • Simple operation and adjustable parameters