Ready to go with our CobotWagen – KassowConnect + Vulkan edition!

The adhesive head can be used to automatically apply single-sided or double-sided adhesive tape to a product. The adhesive head is ideal for linear tape lines, but it can also be used to apply light contours.
With the aid of the integrated cutting unit, the adhesive tape is automatically cut to length and applied to the product by means of a application roller. A second pressure roller can then be used to apply additional pressure to specific areas.
Vulkan Klebekopf

The ibk CobotWagen as kick-off for human-robot collaboration:

  • Flexibility – Numerous application possibilities
  • Mobility – Use at different workplaces
  • Stability – Use of additional weights and jackable lifting rollers
  • Variability – Different heights of the table and the cobot connection
  • Individuality – Adaptation of the side panel design
  • Modularity – Uncomplicated connection of peripherals


  • Functionality – Generous storage space due to additional drawers for laptop and cobot control
  • Electricity – Integrated power distribution including main switch, fuse and 6m cable
  • Connectivity – Cleverly designed connection extension

In addition to the pure hardware we can also offer our individual services on request.

  • Feasibility and programming
  • Commissioning incl. start-up support
  • Handover and training on the system