A certified quality management system ensures the implementation of our high quality standards. The quality policy is continuously reviewed and is adapted to the requirements of the market and the customers if necessary.
In order to ensure the highest product quality at all levels, process audits, with the aim of continuous process optimisation are carried out at all times.

Certificate DNV DIN ISO 9001:2015

Information security

DIN ISO 27001 and TISAX® (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) are standards in term of ​​information security management (ISMS) and are often used related to the security of information systems.

TISAX® is an initiative to establish common safety standards according to the industry-specific VDA-ISA standard, developed by the ENX Association and published by the Association of the Automotive Industry.

Both standards belong to implementing and maintaining an ISMS. In order to meet the ever-growing requirements in terms of ​​information security, we have initiated an integrated management system and successfully passed both certifications in 2023.

The TISAX® assessment result is only available via the ENX portal:

– to ENX portal

Scope ID: S4T666
Assessment ID: AL16TF

Certificate DNV DIN ISO 9001:2015