Fully automated adhesive tape applications

For more than 30 years, adhesive tapes have been the outstanding alternative to mechanical joining solutions when it comes to mounting fixtures. Modern vehicle construction in particular is no longer imaginable without adhesive technology. Not only the directly related weight reduction but also, above all, the increase in flexibility ensure that adhesive bonding has become indispensable today as a key technology.

Automation and robotics are among our core competencies. Having developed more than 1,000 customer-specific systems in the various automation levels, we have plenty of experience and great technical expertise in the field of adhesion automation for double-sided adhesive tape. Our systems are used in a wide range of different sectors and industries.

For the conception of a system through simulation, construction, production and programming to commissioning, the implementation of the individual customer requirements is all done under one roof. Our employees have outstanding and wide-ranging expert knowledge, thus making them able to deal with our customers’ requirements very flexibly and implement them.