Battery production

Renewable energy is becoming ever more important. Innovative concepts for the storage of electrical energy for electric mobility applications on the basis of renewable energy in fixed storage units are revolutionising our energy management systems.

But one thing remains clear: The production must become more cost-effective and thus quicker in order to be able to successfully establish lithium ion storage technology in particular.

And that’s exactly where we start. Vulkan Technic supports the efficient large-scale production of batteries with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions right along the length of the value chain.

Whether as a general contractor or a system integrator – integrated data retention, engineering and communication standards ensure that all production steps are perfectly harmonised with one another in order to meet the high quality standards.

When developing practical and customer-specific solutions, we don’t just rely on our own expertise. A constant exchange of experience with research institutions and universities keeps us up to date. In the field of lead-acid batteries, the close collaboration with AMER-SIL offers tangible benefits for both sides.

Together, Vulkan Technic and AMER-SIL create the basis for energy concepts which convince economically and are technically forward-looking.